Sunday, May 17, 2009

15-sided biscornu pomander

Front and back views

This was something completely new to me. Although I recently stitched my first regular biscornu, this was my first attempt at a 15-sided one and I was a little worried at how complicated it might be to put together – I needn’t have worried! The designs came from a stitch-along at Stitch Creations and a few of us at The Book Club Forum thought it might be fun to stitch-along ourselves. The most fiddly bit was whip-stitching the last edge, but it was worth it because by that point the whole thing was coming together and I could see how pretty it would look when finished.

I stitched this biscornu on white 18-count aida, using two variegated Trebla flosses – 13 (pink, for the edging boxes) and 41 (purple, for the patterns). Lilac seed beads are stitched along the edges of the boxes on the front of the biscornu; clear seed beads edge the boxes on the reverse; and I alternated between lilac and clear seed beads on the connecting panels. I added lavender to the stuffing to make a pomander and used a wide piece of white satin ribbon to make the hanger, then added two decorative silver buttons.

This will be part of my Step-Mum’s Christmas gift.


wendy said...


Jen said...

This is beautiful. I love the beading!

K1nS said...

Lovely work hun, I will have to try and make one of these in the future

Linda said...

Oh my, just gorgeous. Love the beading

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