Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lorraines thankyou cards

This was a small thankyou card that I made for a very close friend of mine. In total this took me around 4-5 hours ish? I am quite a slow stitcher hehe. This was stitched on 14ct white aida using DMC threads.

Here is another thankyou card I made, this one didn't take as long as this was stitched on 18ct cream aida using DMC threads. It took me around 2 hours ish to complete.


Jen said...

I love these! Especially the second one with the butterfly!

I received a book with 101 card designs that I absolutely love. I just have to learn how to actually make the card once the design is done. XD

K1nS said...

I just cut the aida so it just fits in the card then use double sided tape to tape it together lol... I'm not sure if thats the right way to do it but it works for me

Jen said...

I will have to try that! Thank you. :)

wendy said...

lovely cards!!

Linda said...

Lovely cards, nice to recieve too.

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