Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two bookmarks

Textile Heritage Poppy bookmark
I stitched this from a Textile Heritage kit and gave it to a colleague at work who was leaving for another job. She's into crafts and books, so it seemed the perfect gift for her and she loves it (I bumped into her a while later and, wouldn't you know it, she was using the bookmark!). This was my first cross stitch project in over seven years, so I'm pleased with how well it turned out!

Disney Pooh's Happy Bookmark
This was a Disney kit designed by Debbie Minton for Designer Stitches, which I stitched as part of my young niece's fourth birthday present (her birthday is the end of this month). She loves books and also Winnie the Pooh, so I think she'll love this! There were a lot of fractional stitches which I'd never done before, so this was a little more challenging than I had expected when I started it, but a lot of fun to stitch.


wendy said...

those turned out great!

Jen said...

The Winnie the Pooh kit I did by Janlynn also had many fractional stitches. I believe I did not do them correctly! XD

These are wonderful!

K1nS said...

They are lovely, I love the winnie the pooh one :D

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