Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Assissi Autumn Bookmark

Project: Assissi Autumn Bookmark

Started: 08.07.09

Finished: 14.07.09

Design: Assissi Autumn by Rhuann Designs

Materials: DMC 301, 433, 680, 898 and Polstitches hand dyed fabric from a grab bag (I suspect it's 28-count sampler linen in Chestnut)

The design is a freebie from Rhuann Designs (one of four - one for each season) and although the example shown on the website appears to have been stitched in variegated floss, I thought I'd try using solid colours in autumnal tones and I think the completed project looks very effective. The tassle is my first attempt at making my own and uses the same colours of floss as the stitching.

This is a gift for an online friend who very kindly loaned me a book, but I'm considering doing all four seasons as a small sampler for myself at some point in the near future, as I think they'd look lovely all together in a frame.


Linda said...

That is really nice. I have done a few of her freebies and they are all really great.

kellinstitches said...

I'm seriously considering doing all four of the seasonal Assissi bookmarks together as a sampler or set.

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