Friday, September 4, 2009

Bold Blooms by Angela Poole

Project: Bold Blooms freebie kit (Cross Stitcher magazine June 2009)
Designer: Angela Poole
Materials: 14-count white aida; Anchor floss; pink and cream seed beads

I started this project some time ago but other more pressing projects got in the way of me finishing it, so I picked it up again this week as my second UFO week project, as there was actually very little left to do in order to complete it. As I'm not really all that good at French knots as yet (I'll have to work on that!), I used pink and cream seed beads in their place, which I think is very pretty.

I've not quite decided how this will be used or displayed yet, but I think it might work well as a card, as there is room enough for a small greeting to be stitched at the right-hand side of te picture, under the third flower. I think it would make a lovely birthday, good luck or get well soon card.


Jen said...

The seed beads look very pretty in place of the french knots! I will have to keep that idea in mind the next time a pattern requires them. I was never able to get the hang of french knots and instructions don't help. :P

wendy said...


Kell said...

Have decided to use this as a birthday card for my Mam in November - she used to x-stitch and so will appreciate the work that went into it. I also think she'll like the freshness of the modern design. :)

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