Saturday, September 12, 2009

Project:Christmas Card

Design: Noel from 22 Luxury Christmas Cards (WOXS freebie) by Maria Diaz
Materials: Metallic card (free with WOXS); unknown floss (freebie on previous magazine); 14-count white perforated paper

This is the first time I’ve worked with perforated paper and it was far easier and more enjoyable than I thought it would be (I had visions of it being very fragile and difficult to work with, but this was not the case). It’s nice to be able to stitch something and know that the edges aren’t going to fray either whilst stitching or once attached to the card, so I’ll definitely be repeating this with more cards – for the festive season and other special occasions.

I really love this modern design in fresh, light shades, rather than the rich traditional colours and think the silver card sets it all off very nicely. There are also other designs, both modern and traditional, in the booklet that I think I’ll try…


Linda said...

that is gorgeous. Love the non traditional colours too.

Kell said...

Thanks, Linda. I love the cool, frosty look of the colours. :)

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