Thursday, September 17, 2009

And Another Christmas Card

Project: Christmas Card

Design: Noel Naturally by The Cat’s Whiskers Design Studio
Materials: Metallic card (free with WOXS); 14-count white perforated paper; DMC 30915 (rayon) floss

Continuing with the perforated paper, I thought I’d try rayon floss for the first time. I have to admit that although I love the lovely, shiny effect (very opulent and Christmassy!), I absolutely hated stitching with it! I used a loop start and stitched 2 over 1, but the stuff frays at the ends and catches on the slightest thing so the edges of the perforated paper made it seem a nightmare to use! However, I think I might give it a try on some fabric and see how I feel about it then before abandoning it outright!

I love the miniature sampler style of this design and although the original mock-up I saw was stitched in natural shades, think it looks particularly striking in the rich, purple-red rayon, which is made even more sumptuous by the gold metallic card.


Janie Hubble said...

Hi Kell

You've done a wonderful job - but I'm just wondering where you got the chart from as this isn't due for release until the end of this month?

with kindest regards
Janie Hubble
The Cat's Whiskers Design Studio
Perth Hills, Western Australia
(where you will see the original model (not a mock up) with a copyright stamp on it)

Kell said...

Apologies - a friend of mine sketched it out for me and told me about it because she knew I was looking for exactly this kind of thing. I then stitched it and made a note to buy the kit next month with my birthday money. I didn't realise it wasn't available yet (have just been checking today to see where I can order it from).

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