Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mothers’ Day card for my Grom

Design: From Aliolka Blogspot (in Russian – beautiful freebie designs!)
Materials: white 14-count perforated paper; DMC 94, 99 and 124 variegated floss; card; flock stick-ons

I downloaded this lovely little bird design some time ago, not knowing when or for what purpose I would use it, but knowing that it would certainly get stitched. I was right – I was flicking through my collection for a design to use as a Mothers’ Day card for my Grom and this one jumped right out at me!

I’ve only ever seen it stitched in monochrome – usually in a single solid colour, but occasionally in a variegated thread, but never with different colours for various sections. I quickly decided I’d like to see how it turned out using three colours – a garnet variegated for the bird, sapphire variegated for the flower and a soft green variegated for the stem and also the lettering which I added. I also really enjoy stitching on perforated paper as it means I can cut very close to the design (just one hole away fro the stitching), so I cut around most of the design, leaving just the block under the bird squared off for the lettering. This meant the pretty patterned card I had chosen wouldn’t be overpowered by a block of plain perforated paper. It also meant I had more space to add the stick-ons.

I’m really pleased with how this card turned out and I hope my Grom will like it too.


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