Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two Cards for Friends

Kokeshi Doll Card
Stitched on white 14-count aida

This was a little freebie kit on a cross stitch magazine and the moment I saw it, I knew I had to stitch it for Paula. Paula collects Kokeshi dolls and all things Japanese, so I thought this would go well with her collection. I hope she likes it!

It was a lovely little quick stitch but I only just managed to get it finished as there was barely enough thread in the kit for three of the colours (yellow, orange and dark grey) and even with me being extremely economical with the threads (as I always am), I was struggling to get the last few stitches in before the floss ran out. Still, I think it was worth it as this little Kokeshi doll turned out rather well. The only change I made to the design was the mouth – she originally had a mouth of only two stitches side by side, making her mouth rectangular, so I added two 3/4 stitches underneath to make her smile.

Home Sweet Home Card
Stitched on cream 22-count Oslo in Venus floss

My friend, Tracey, has just moved to a long-awaited new house, so when I saw this little cottage design in a magazine, I jumped at the chance to stitch it. It’s a small design anyway, but stitching it on 22 count fabric made it a tiny miniature. As the count was higher, I stitched all but the border in a single thread (the border is two threads).

I didn’t follow the colours given with the design, but instead used some of the Venus flosses I had just received, which have a lovely, gentle sheen and are beautifully soft to work with.

I hope Tracey and her family will be very happy in their new home!


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